ConnectWise Control Review – Should You Use The Remote Software Software?

ConnectWise Control Review

This ConnectWise Control review is based on actual incidences, honest testing of the software and after looking the unbiased reviews of all the users. 

Since we have all the information about ConnectWise Control and its review, we would like to draw your attention to how it works, its pros and cons, its best features and the alternative you can go for if ConnectWise is not matching your needs. You will get a fair idea about this software with all this information and more insights. 

We won’t wait further and start with this review article about ConnectWise Control, a renowned remote access software! 

About ConnectWise Control

ConnectWise is a remote access software which has everything you need to automate, grow, manage and secure your customers and businesses. 

ConnectWise Control

ConnectWise Control has been identifying trends, interacting with industry leaders, and listening to businesses in the IT community since 1982. 

We’ve been here for more than 40 years and are only getting started.

Pros and Cons of ConnectWise Control

As a coin has two sides, so does ConnectWise Control. In this ConnectWise Control review, we’ll talk about why should you go for it and why you might want to look at its alternatives.

Advantages of ConnectWise Control-

  • Server updates are regular and quick.
  • Easy integration with other software
  • It is quick and can support a large number of users 
  • As easy as a breeze to set up and create groups to manage PCs

Disadvantages of ConnectWise Control-

  • Customer service and support are problematic at times
  • Poor dashboard design 

Should You Go With ConnectWise Control? 

Features define the quality of that product. Hence, here we are to introduce you to the unique and quality features through the ConnectWise Control review for you to decide how great this software is or is not:

ConnectWise Control Features

Ease of Use

The user interface is simple and intuitive. It’s simple to comprehend how to structure a vast number of computers that serve multiple customers

It is, however, also applicable to a smaller as well as larger group of PCs. Just be aware that it’s a little unbalanced dashboard design, which may not be compatible use for various users. 


When it comes to security, ConnectWise leaves no stones unturned. They have permission-based security where the end-user denies or allows remote access to their systems. Then there come consent requests where the technicians will have to send requests to the end-user before remotely accessing their systems. 

An open communication format is also laid out, which draws a layer of transparency between the end-users and the technicians by letting video recordings, VOIP, and chat is visible to the end-user for satisfaction purposes. No Footprint is left behind, as ConnectWise removes support client after the sessions is over so that the client’s device is saved from cyber threats and other dangers. 

With AES-256 encryption, two-factor authentication, and other security features, ConnectWise stands strong in top-notch security.

Customer Service

ConnectWise’s customer service is good, with live chat technical assistance available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that customer issues are rapidly answered. 

ConnectWise has an online learning centre with a large library of instructive how-to videos, webinars, courses, and recorded shows is another service offered by the company. 

The live chat services are responsive in the correct way with a correct answer and are helpful in resolving issues, but they also take time to respond, which is a con. Support is also provided via an online form, and its global offices are conveniently accessible via call/phone.

Integrations and Add-Ons

You can edit over 1,200 settings and hundreds of features over ConnectWise Control. Localise the language as per your understanding and add your brand mark and your solution’s name with the best white-label branding by ConnectWise. 

Easily implement highly versatile changes and put add-ons to the web applications. Design your remote support solution with easy integration and extensions. The users can also customize the colours and change the default theme per their choice. 

The user can fit into specific implementations or processes with a fully open architecture

Monitoring and Alerts

The user can scan customer endpoint devices with remote endpoint management or monitoring. With real-time alerts, users can scan the client’s all endpoint devices to check for security-related issues and performance. 

Uninterrupted support with command line updates as well as filtered endpoint views makes monitoring easy and alerts the alarming user to stay vigilant. 


ConnectWise provides smooth remote access for customers and employees. ConnectWise Control Support is compatible with and optimised for nearly all current operating systems, browsers, and mobile devices, allowing you to establish single sign-on, ultra-secure remote connections to and from almost any endpoint to control, monitor, manage, and repair computers, servers, mobile devices and other devices.

It’s compatible with Operating Systems like Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Mac OSX; Mobile support like Android and iOS; Browser support like Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Chrome and Safari.

Free Trial

There’s a 14-day free trial with no credit card required policy offered by ConnectWise. They confidently impart this feature because of their trust in the product. 

Free trial connectwise control

With Instant connectivity to resolve issues faster with or without end-user, best-in-class security, high performance of the system and 100 extensions and integration, who wouldn’t like to go on with ConnectWise. On top of that, they are giving you a chance to try and test and then continue with them as per your choice!

Prices and Plans

ConnectWise Control comes in various separate subscription packages, each with its own set of capabilities and session limits. The stand-alone Access package, which starts at $30 per month, is the one which starts at 25 unattended access agents. 

The limited free option, which is ideal for young and developing enterprises, is one unique available feature. One tech licence, three access agents, and a remote connection to one end user are available per session. The prices change according to the unattended access users you choose to work with. 

We have also attached a screenshot if you want a deeper look into the plans and pricing of ConnectWise Control:

ConnectWise Control Plans

Our Verdict: ConnectWise Control Review

Overall, ConnectWise control is one of the best remote access platforms with easy integration at affordable prices. 

Its features make ConnectWise even more attractive and a better user choice. You will find flexible, fast and secure remote desktops with mobile support solutions for every need and any type of industry. 

ConnectWise Solutions

They have a free trial feature that ensures that there’s no compulsion for the user to continue with it. The user can always try and then make sure if they want to continue with them or not. And this confidence comes with the services and products one is offering; the same goes with ConnectWise. 

It’s a great option for every type of user out there!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ConnectWise Control Safe?

Yes, ConnectWise Control offers top-notch security and protects the user from cyber threats and all types of dangers with its extended security features, including 256-bit AES encryption. 

We have discussed the security measures ConnectWise offers in detail under the security features section. 

What is ConnectWise Control used for?

ConnectWise Control allows access and control of an unattended server or any device. Any user can use it, from company employees to technicians, made for anyone and everyone with ease of use. 

Does Microsoft use ConnectWise Control?

Yes, Microsoft uses ConnectWise Control. It is a remote control client and helps access the remote system. The ConnectWise Operate Windows application allows you to connect to and control devices remotely in seconds. 

What is ConnectWise client control?

Allow technicians to provide exceptional service by providing them with reliable, direct connections to PCs, mobile devices, and other devices as needed.

Why is ConnectWise control on my computer?

ConnectWise allows you to control unattended servers or PCs. You may easily start and schedule remote assistance sessions as well as troubleshoot issues.

ConnectWise may have been installed by someone who must have been using your computer or a technician who mended it for repairing purposes without your knowledge.

Alternatives of ConnectWise Control

If not ConnectWise Control, you have various other good options out there in the market to choose from and work with. And we do not want you to get stuck with one or feel like you’re out of options. So here’s a list of ConnectWise alternatives:

Team Viewer

TeamViewer allows more branding and customization than ConnectWise, and the interruptions while working with it are frequent, which is not a problem with Team Viewer. 

TeamViewer AddOns

Team Viewer is easy to use and comparatively reliable compared to its competitors.


The way AnyDesk establishes connection within seconds and its compatibility with iOS and raspberry Pi make it do everything one needs in a secured environment. It does not faff around, which you may face in ConnectWise at times. 


With more functionality, ease of use, value for money, and customer support available compared to ConnectWise, Splashtop is cheaper than ConnectWise, making it a preferred choice for the users.

Zoho Assist

ZohoAssist offers affordable pricing with the features of expensive plans. Its superb customer supports lets Zoho Assist top its competitors! 

VNC Connect

If you are on the lookout for the quickest way to manage remote devices visually with the easiest way to use it, you must prefer VNC Connect only. 


TightVNC offers better group chat and imparts proper notifications when the devices are connected in a group. With better remote PC access, TightVNC can also be your choice as a remote access software.


Here we come to an end with this ConnectWise Control Review, where we talked about what it is, its remarkable features, prices and its alternatives with our verdict. And now we are guessing you’ve had enough information to make your decision and opt for the best remote access software in the business. 

We hope you had fun reading this review as we had fun creating this honest review for you!

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