Philo Free Trial – How to Get Philo App Free?

Want to enjoy a Free OTT platform where you can easily download Live shows and watch the latest Documentaries for free? Then Philo is the best among all the other OTT options as it offers a Free 7-day Trial and also lets the viewers download their favourite shows on the DVR, letting them watch the Telecasts in their leisure time.

Most of you might be thinking, What is the difference between a normal cable connection and a TV Streaming platform like the Philo App Free? 

Well, in the case of normal cable TV, one can access only limited channels, and the viewer physically needs to be present at home to see the Live Channel broadcasting, whereas, With TV streaming platforms like Philo, viewers can watch any number of shows, documentary, movie of their own choice simply by searching it. 

Along with that, the viewer can watch their favourite movies on Philo channels or can enjoy listening to the latest music from anywhere at anytime while Hitting the Gym or when attending a boring lecture in a classroom.

What is Philo?

Philo is the most affordable OTT platform that offers around 70+ channels from various genres (Outdoors & Sports/ Crime & Drama/ Documentary/ Music/ Action) at just 25$ on a monthly basis.


Even save your favourite TV shows and movies for upto 12 months on DVR, a storage add-on offered by Philo for free included in your $25 monthly plan.

Eager to download the Philo App? Don’t worry; Here, we are going to tell you in detail about the Philo App Download process and how you can get Philo App Free Trials.

Where can you get a Philo free trial?

You can get Philo App Free Trial services on various devices like Smartphones, PCs, and Tablets anywhere and anytime.

Simply Go to the official website of Philo >> Press Start your 7-day Free Trial >> Create your account >> Enter your necessary details >> Make the payment >> Use any Philo Discount coupon if you have any >> and then you are Ready to Go

It’s that simple! You don’t need to linger around here and there and can start availing of Philo 7-day Free Trials right away on Philo’s official website.

How to Register with Philo free trial? {Note: Write for both PC users and Mobiles users}

Exclusively for those having no idea how to Register with Philo Free Trial or how to initiate Philo Sign in process, Below are the exact ways that one needs to follow in order to get Philo free trials and enjoy the best shows right away:

Philo Website

  • Go to the official website of Philo >> After that, Click Start your 7-Day Free Trial option.
  • Enter your relevant information >> Enter your Card Details >>  
  • Generate a Strong password >> Login into your Philo Free Trial Account 
  • Search your Favourite channel and enjoy watching it Live.

Android Device

  • Slide your HomeScreen to GooglePlay App Store >> Open GooglePlay App Store
  • Click the Search bar
  • Type Philo >> Install it right away 
  • On Installing >> Click on the Sign in button or Press the Start 7 Days Free Trial option

iPhone or other iOS Devices

  • Go to the App Store >> Click on the Search Bar.
  • Type Philo >> Click the download icon to Install the application.
  • On Installing >> Press the Start 7 Days Free Trial >> Enter the billing details.
  • Search your favourite channels and enjoy watching them online.


  • Go to the Amazon App Store on your Tablet >> Click the Search bar
  • Search Philo >> Tap the Download App button. 
  • On Downloading the app >> Enter your Card Details
  • Register yourself with Philo >> Search your favourite shows and enjoy watching them.

Smart TV

  • Use your TV Remote to control it.
  • From the Android TV Home Screen >> Scroll to Apps at the top of the screen.
  • Click the GooglePlay Store App >> Press the search bar.
  • Type Philo > Install Philo  

Ruko Device

  • Hit the Home button on the Ruko Remote.
  • Click Search option >> Type Philo > Install it
  • On installing >> Use Ruko Remote to register for 7 Days free Philo trial.
  • On Signing in >> Click Add Channel and start watching shows Right away.

Fire TV Stick device 

  • Use the Remote control >> Press the Home Button
  • Click the Find option in the centre of the screen >> Press Search
  • Type Philo in the Apps & Games Row >> Press the Install option
  • After the installation >> Register for the 7 Days Philo Free Trials.
  • Search the movie you like and enjoy watching it exclusively on your device.

So we see how easily viewers can run Philo on various devices (Chrome/ Android/ iPhone/ SmartTV/ Tablets/ Ruko) with just a few steps; viewers can simply follow the instructions and get to watch their favourite show right on their device screen.  

What to do If Philo’s free trial ends? {Write all the Posibility}

What to do once your 7-day Free Trial ends? It’s very simple! Here, we are going to decode the things step by step on what ways you can renew your Free Trial.

  • Look for some Discount Deals or offers that can let you grab Free trials.
  • Use a new account for Philo Free registration to Grab a 7-day free trial in a fishy manner.
  • Record the latest shows and movies on DVR during your Philo App Free Trials.

Philo’s Offers and Deals

Philo’s Offers and Deals are not laid out as such. 

However, if in case, Philo offers any attractive Philo App Free Trials, deals and offers, we’ll be the first one to inform you about that here in this post.

Philo App: User Review

We got mixed sorts of feedback from the viewers using the Philo OTT platform for watching movies and shows. Below, we have shared some of the Philo’s Reviews posted by its honest customers. This is how it goes:

  • Unfortunately, the very first comment that we saw was negative and seriously had complaints about the Free trial. 
  • However, earlier in this article, we have already mentioned and even stated the Step-by-Step instructions to help the viewer Get Philo App Free 7-day Trial.
  • Watching commercials every few minutes got on his nerves. 
  • The best way out is to save the Live show on the DVR and see it in your leisure time.
  • This comment happens to end on a positive note.
  • It’s true as Philo offers 70+ Channels and is the best OTT platform as it has an entire media library full of Shows/ Dramas/ Movies/ Music, etc.



For viewers, wanting to enjoy the latest movies, songs, Dramas, action, & Live telecasts of sports can easily go with the Philo App Free Trials in order to let the user taste the Entertainment Utilities & user-friendly features of Philo. 

Here in this article, we, Step-by-Step, decode a detailed manner about how one can Get a 7-day Philo App Free Trial. Along with that, we have also shown the steps on how to use Philo App Free trials and how to register for Philo Free trial on various Devices like SmartTV, Ruko, Smartphones, PCs, Tablets and many others.

Follow the steps with proper precision in order to utilize Philo App Free Trial Services.

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