Zoho Assist Review – Is Zoho Assist Remote Client Safe?

zoho assist review and alternatives

Zoho Assist is a remote desktop software that outdates all others available. 

An affirmative and confident statement, right? But what makes us say it with such affirmation? Zoho Assist has made its way into our hearts with its remarkable features and great services, and compared to its alternatives, Zoho Assist flourished with excellent results. 

We did not want to keep all of this to ourselves, so here we are with this Zoho Assist Review to take you along with us on this journey of learning and exploring details about Zoho Assist!

About Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist is an all-in-one remote support software and unattended access solution that is well-balanced. Also, these key capabilities – remote support and unattended access – require their own billing plans, but they are both accessible from the same simple interface. 

zoho assist

Zoho Assist provides a range of capabilities to assist personnel in quickly resolving client issues and remotely managing groups of PCs. Many other popular business workflow tools are also simply integrated with Zoho Assist.

Features of Zoho Assist

In this Zoho Assist review, let’s talk about the features which make us stand with Zoho Assist on their outstanding capabilities:

Interface and Performance

The Zoho Assist dashboard has buttons and functionality on the left side of the screen and at the top. You can switch between remote access, unattended access, reports, and settings using the top button. 

The left-side menu bar will display information about support sessions, a breakdown of your accessible reports, and options to filter viewable stats by type of help provided or by technician name, depending on the screen you’re on.

zoho assist dashboard

Overall, Zoho Assist performs great! The application has no noticeable latency or extended page load times. None of Zoho Assist’s tools or features takes long to load unless you request a custom report that incorporates data from a large number of sessions or support jobs.

Reboot And Reconnect

The feature to reboot the remote device anytime you want and reconnect it without terminating the going on session or activity on the device. 

Most programme installations, patch installations, and antivirus updates necessitate a regular or safe mode reboot. During on-demand remote help and unattended access sessions, Zoho Assist allows you to reboot and rejoin a remote device without losing control at any point in time. 

Screen Sharing

In real-time, collaborate with your customers online for meetings, demos, and training. With Zoho Assist, you can instantly share your screen across several devices and operating systems.

By allowing you to share your screen with your participants, Remote Meeting allows you to hold online meetings and perform presentations for teh same. Zoho Assist is the one-stop shop if you need a place to hold meetings, training sessions, or presentations.

Unattended Remote Access

Unattended remote access allows you to operate PCs from any location, even if the remote device is not there on another end. 

zoho assist review unattended access

Unattended remote access software is a must-have for MSPs and Customer Support Technicians. The installation of a lightweight agent on the remote computers or servers that you operate is required for unattended remote desktop access

You can connect to these computers and operate on them at any time once the remote agent is installed.

 Bulk Deployment

Using Zoho Assist’s bulk deployment procedure, you can configure unattended remote access for a large set of devices. To install the unattended remote agent on your remote device, utilise the Distributor or Start-up script provided by Zoho Assist. 

Session Recording

Session recording allows you to keep track of the actions that take place throughout a session. Internal audits, training sessions, and other events can benefit from recordings.

You can look back on the session’s proceedings, comprehensively create audit trails, and maintain a repository when recording a session. 

You can also control and manage the quality of the recording and if you want to store it in the cloud or not.

Add Ons

Zoho Assist makes it simple to add and manage your technicians. Rebranding your account, getting detailed session stats, and maintaining your brand identity is an easy task. Your customers can effortlessly join sessions by embedding a customer widget on your website. With more add ons of Zoho Assist, they have customisations, remote support and more.

Zoho assist review file transfer

Or when it comes to the point where your remote customers prefer attended meetings, or you help customers across many networks on a regular basis, on-demand or instant remote support sessions, all of this becomes necessary. 


Zoho Assist uses SSL and 256-bit AES to protect interactions between technicians and clients. All personally identifiable information, including IP and email addresses, can be made anonymous at any moment to further secure sensitive data

Two-factor authentication and inactive session timeout are two features that assist keep your many potential access points as safe as possible. The activity log viewer audits all activities taken out within your organisation for transparency.


Zoho Assist is compatible with popular help desk applications, including Zoho Desk, G Suite and, Zendesk. These connectors allow you to easily connect with your remote customers and make remote troubleshooting a breeze.

For organisations needing more than one tool, Zoho Assist has connected with industry-leading Service Desk, Help Desk, and CRM systems for them. With the Zoho Assist API, they have made it possible to integrate remote support and remote access capability into your business routine.

Customer Support

Zoho Assist provides customer service via email and a contact form. It also offers in-depth live training for remote support and unsupervised access on a regular basis. 

What We liked About Zoho Assist

The advantages Zoho Assist offers:

  • 15-day free trial 
  • You may effortlessly switch between remote support and unattended access from the same user menu.
  • The free plan gives you access to five unattended PCs.
  • For larger enterprises, white-label options are available.

What We Didn’t Like About Zoho Assist

The disadvantages of Zoho Assist:

  • The basic remote assistance plan does not include mobile help.
  • Some remote support services necessitate customer downloads.

Best Zoho Assist Plans And Pricing

Remote Access and Unattended Access Plans are available and offered by Zoho Assist.  

We have attached a screenshot of their plans and pricing so that you get a clear view of what they are offering under each plan:

Our Verdict: Zoho Assist Review

Zoho Assist is a fantastic application that delivers full support solutions to businesses of any size or sector. The user can select plans based on the size of their support team, connect with customers in a variety of ways, benefit from enterprise-grade security, and collect data to enhance performance over time.

After testing and deeply analysing Zoho Assist, we could derive that it is a worthwhile support solution that gets the job done based on the user’s plan and the features they get.

Frequently Asked Questions About Zoho Assist

Is Zoho Assist legitimate?

Yes, Zoho Assist is reliable and secure. As per the honest customer reviews, and the thousands of customers it has served to date, we can definitely trust them on that basis.

What is Zoho Assist used for?

Zoho Assist is a remote desktop software used to connect a device to another remote device to monitor and control it. It also helps you access, diagnose, manage and troubleshoot.

Is Zoho remote support safe?

Yes, Zoho Assist uses SSL and 256 bit AES, which tells that they provide top-notch security and make sure to secure you from known and unknown threats. 

 Why is Zoho Assist on my computer?

Zoho Assist allows you to control PCs from your workplace from anywhere in the world. You may easily start and schedule remote assistance sessions as well as troubleshoot issues.

Zoho Assist may have been installed by a person who must have been using your computer or a technician who mended it without your knowledge. 

Who owns Zoho Assist?

Sridhar Vembu and Tony Thomas launched the company in 1996. It now has seven sites, including a worldwide headquarters in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, and a corporate headquarters outside of Austin in Del Valle, Texas. Sridhar Vembu’s sister, Radha Vembu, owns a controlling stake in the company.

Does Microsoft use Zoho Assist?

No, Microsoft does not use Zoho Assist and neither it is a part of Microsoft.

Zoho Assist Alternatives

Alternatives make you easily understand whether the provider you are going with offers the best of the services or there are more in the market who are offering features and prices that are equally good, better or worse than that provider. 

Hence, we are with a list of Zoho Assist alternatives for a better outlook for you in the market. 


AnyDesk provides ease of use, meets specific requirements, is easy to set up and has a positive product direction. All of these things are better provided by AnyDesk than Zoho Assist. 

Zoho Assist equally competes with AnyDesk, both software walking side by side. So we could easily recommend it as a ZohoAssist alternative.

Team Viewer

Team Viewer is better in screen sharing and recording, with some seconds of difference by TeamViewer performing in a better way. With multi-session handling and multi-monitor support, TeamViewer is a great software to go with.  


TightVNC is lightweight. TightVNC has equally the same features as Zoho Assist in their plans. Strolling a non-specialized individual through the installer is simple. As well as changing settings is really simple. 

It’s a little costlier than Zoho Assist; otherwise better than it. 


Splashtop integrates well with software like Autotask. It’s easy to connect with a managed computer with Splashtop. 

Splashtop has an easy setup process making it one of the most popular Zoho Assist Alternatives. 


Coming to the end of the Zoho Assist Review, we all have known their pros and cons, plus the features they offer at what price. 

When compared with its alternatives, Zoho Assist came out with flying covers. We guess it makes sure to provide the best of services to its upcoming users to continue claiming their names at the top of the Remote Desktop Access Providers chart. 

We hope you gained some knowledge while going through this review article and are ready to make a decision for yourself!

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