Download Remote Desktop for Mac

Microsoft Remote Desktop for mac is ready to download. Hurry Up! And establish secure sessions with a remote windows server.

  • Easily control multiple screen
  • Quick interaction with all users
  • Easy management
  • Effectively send and update files

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It’s Easy, Fast & Secured

Use remote desktop for mac, and easily download remote desktop for MacBook pro also, you can install remote desktop for mac to PC.
Establish strong connections with remote desktop for mac and windows.
Work on your online projects and get a remote desktop for mac free.
Download and install the remote desktop for Mac, and start using your free RDP server with full admin access.

Remote Desktop For MacOS Requirements

Before installing and downloading Remote Desktop for Mac, ensure that your hardware/software meets the minimum requirements.

Your macOS should be updated to versions 10.14 or later and have the following dependencies installed– .NET Runtime x86 1.7, .NET Framework x86 1.7, VCLibs x86.

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Access remote PCs running on Windows Server

With Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac, you can utilize the Windows interface and test your projects according to your requirements.

It allows simple management of your connections and user account from the connection center and gives you free audio and video streaming access.

Screenshots Of Remote Desktop for Mac

Download and install the Microsoft remote desktop on Mac. You can see in the images below that the Remote desktop for macOS is quite user-friendly and easy to use.

Why Choose Free RDP Server?

The Advantages of an RDP Server are abundant. But here is what makes it unique and the best choice for you.


The most affordable option out there. Utilize the server to its fullest at the cheapest prices or FREE of cost with RDPHostings.

Complete Control

Control the server and manage the configuration. Add components like firewall or balancers to suit your needs.

Reliable Network

Streamline your business and improve work efficiency with reliable network speed and add speed to the file transfer process.

Secured Connection

RDPs operate over an encrypted channel. It prevents unwarranted access from anyone and prevents them from listening in.

Work From Anywhere

Download RDP for easy connectivity over various platforms like Android, Mac, iOS, and others to ensure that you can work from hill or home alike.

Boost Productivity

Easy setup, flexibility and reliability ensure that you can work on improving your business and boosting productivity.

Eliminate Your Doubts About Remote Desktop For mac

Can you use RDP on a Mac?

Yes, you can use RDP on a mac. Use Microsoft RDP on mac hassle free, but you need to be running on macOS 10.10 and newer.

What is the RDP equivalent for Mac?

Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac was renamed as Microsoft remote desktop connection client for mac. (Can also be called Remote Desktop for Mac or RDC for Mac). RDP for mac is equivalent and is very well known as remote networking on windows.

How do you RDP from a Mac?

You can use remote management while sharing process; just, just go to Apple menu > system preferences click sharing, now click the checkbox

Is Apple Remote Desktop any good?

Apple remote desktop is an amazing remote management software which was developed and integrated with large and small apple computer stocks. You can use Remote Desktop for mac by sitting on your couch, install the Apple remote desktop to get connected to a remove computer.

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