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Full Admin Access

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Chrome Remote Desktop
Avail free RDP hosting from us, including full admin access with dedicated IP. Just download chrome remote desktop for your system and work on your growth.
Microsoft Remote Desktop
Establish a remote desktop connection with your Free RDP server and download Microsoft remote desktop to access Windows server from anywhere.
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Install the Mac RDP client on your Apple product and access free RDP Hosting server. The remote desktop MAC is just a few clicks away with best graphical interface.
remote desktop android
Get the latest RDP for android phone. RDP for android download is convenient & reliable. Follow the steps and start using your free RDP hosting from your android.
remote desktop for ubuntu
Download ubuntu remote desktop for your device with free RDP hosting, and we support RDP for ubuntu 20.04. Just download ubuntu remote desktop.
remote desktop for linux
Download the best RDP for Linux with the latest version support. Download Linux remote desktop RDP for Secure connection establishment with Windows server.

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RDPHostings offers world-class Data centre locations with premium ecosystems that are quite reliable and highly secured.


South Carolina Data Center

4708 Ocello Street,

South Carolina Data Center

1873 New Creek Road,

South Carolina Data Center

3455 Devils Hill Road,

South Carolina Data Center

3455 Devils Hill Road,

South Carolina Data Center

3455 Devils Hill Road,

South Carolina Data Center

3455 Devils Hill Road,

Frequently Asked Queries About Free RDP Hosting

Eliminate your doubts about Free RDP hosting and get started with us.

This question, “What is RDP hosting?” is trending like Khabane Lame’s videos. RDP was a protocol that Microsoft developed in 2006 on the internet. It provides you with a graphical interface to connect to another computer and control the CPU installed in data centers. 

RDP Hosting is your best bet to grow, and with us, you can get free RDP hosting with full admin access, guaranteed server uptime. And our windows VPS RDP hosting is a reliable RDP hosting service, so sign up now and avail of the free RDP server.

RDP VPS helps you establish a connection with the windows server. What are you waiting for start working on your online project with us.


1:-It stands for Remort Desktop Protocol.

2:-RDP servers get shared with many users.

3:-RDP is a protocol designed by Microsoft to facilitate applications.


1:-It stands for Virtual Private Server.

2:-VPS is a private server.

3:-VPS services sell as web hosting services.

With RDPHostings, you will get a free RDP VPS server. Simply sign-up, fill in the credentials and start working on your free RDP hosting server. 

Yes, we give you full server admin access with our free RDP hosting. Also, we provide free customer support, assured uptime for your free RDP server.

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We offer a legitimate remote desktop hosting service to help you work on your growth rather than worrying about the hosted remote desktop services.

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