VNC Connect Review: Easy To Use Remote Control Software

vnc connect review

We are back with another amazing review on the very renowned and famous remote access software, VNC Connect. 

We went through many reviews on this software, talked to its users and also tried it ourselves before creating this review for our engaging readers. VNC Connect provides remote access control with freemium plans.

Without talking much about it now, we will move ahead with the VNC Connect review so that you can have a clearer view. Also, you can decide whether this can be your ideal choice or not!

About VNC Connect

VNC Connect simplifies the time-consuming and difficult concept of connecting multiple remote access solutions setup by delivering a single solution that meets all of yorur remote access and support requirements.

about vnc connect

VNC Connect is a product of RealVNC. It is a remote access solution for various organizations that want strong resilience, security and something that doesn’t waste their time and works efficiently without worrying about it.

Advantages of VNC Connect

Let’s list some advantages of VNC Connect:

  • 14-day free trial 
  • Great Video Quality 
  • Multi-platform Compatibility 
  • Easy-to-use Interface 
  • It quickly reconnects after switching it back on 

Disadvantages of VNC Connect

Now, some disadvantages of VNC Connect:

  • Lags a little 
  • Inexperienced staff 

Features Of VNC Connect

Features reflect the quality of the product, and through the VNC Connect review, we’ll see what all does it offer to reflect its quality:

Access Controls/Permissions

You can easily manage and assign users and their level of access throughout the organization. You can control and permit if a specific user can perform a particular task or use the server or not. 

It ensures safety and privacy with a level of power that you will hold when it comes to remote control access. 

Collaboration Tools

VNC Connect ensures bringing, connecting, and collaborating with teams to achieve a common goal. A teammate may take over to explain the fundamentals and discuss solutions and ideas to work upon in unison. 

Session recording and easy sharing of files help one transfer information or portray it to others in no time. Everyone in the team and organisation is aware of the common necessities and the facts that’ll make the organisation grow, the ones to be filled. 

File Sharing and File Transfer

VNC Connect offers seamless and pretty easy file sharing and transfer capabilities to increase collaboration, as we talked about above and the rate of productivity while working remotely because this factor isn’t stopping you now!

remote access

Mobile Access

VNC Connect is a multi-platform, a single solution that works with Mac, Windows, Raspberry Pi, and Linux. It is also compatible with mobile devices through its application or web. 

Multiple Monitor Access

VNC Connect monitors with a  single click. It allows users to switch between various or multiple end-users without interruptions or creating any problems/lags. 

Real-Time Chat

Real-time chat is an ability the better assist users in messaging end-users in real-time when in-between a session. There’s no need for you to contact using another device or in any other way. You can directly chat with other users through a real-time chat option. 

Remote Access/Control

Admin tool gives full control of access through the organisation to you. It protects your organisation from various threats and the access to control any changes that may happen or restrict anyone from taking control or bringing about any change on the server. 

Granular access control lets you finetune the access and permission to an individual role or group level. 


VNC Connect offers some great security measures to protect you from known as well as unknown threats. End-to-end encryption protects your devices from external threats Enterprise-grade security is fully encrypted at 256-bit AES, protecting your systems from external threats. 

Remote Printing

Print files from a remote computer to a local printer without transferring the file between computers. You are not limited to interacting with the remote screen during a session.

You can securely chat with other users connected at the same time, transfer files in either direction and print files directly to a printer where you are rather than a printer attached to the remote computer. 


Session Details, survey summaries, technician performance information, and end-user information are reported in time with VNC Connect’s robust reposting capabilities. 

 Screen Sharing and Transfer

View as well and control real-time activities with the screen sharing option or access. You can also transfer files from the remote desktop to your device, which too hassle-free. 

VNC Connect Plans and Pricing

VNC Connect gives you two options:

  • Device access (Remote Control Access)
  • Instant Support 

Talking about the devices access plans that VNC Connect offers, it starts with a free plan but has some inclusive ones for the time when your organisation goes to the enterprise level and needs much more features and capabilities to handle the load. 

We have attached a screenshot for you to look into VNC Connect’s Device Access plans and prices:

VNC Connect Plans and Pricing

Our Verdict: VNC Connect Review 

After reading various reviews, customer comments, and our own experience, we can say that VNC Connect is a great software to be worked with on the internet. It is one of the best remote control access software with rates as low as possible. 

remote desktop access vnc

It can allow anyone to connect devices and use them easily remotely. In this VNC Connect review, we’ve mentioned how with a simple to use, solid and secure interface VNC Connect has more positive reviews than negative ones, with a ratio of 10:1 being positive to negative. 

So, we can recommend VNC Connect with confidence and utmost trust. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is VNC connect good?

Yes, VNC Connect is one of the most trusted and secure remote control access software in the market. It is an excellent choice if you are on the lookout for such software. 

Everything has pros and cons, but VNC Connect’s pros overpower its cons. 

Is VNC Connect Safe?

Yes, with a 216-but AES encryption and other safety measures that VNC Connect takes, we can say that it takes proper steps to keep its users and their devices safe and sound. 

Is Real VNC legit?

VNC Connect is a part of Real VNC. It provides a stable and secured connection between devices, making it legit and trusted by people.

Hence, we can say that it is a versatile platform which offers compatibility and support options that makes it suitable for organisations and companies to use and work with for a better communication and approaching technique. 

What is VNC Connect’s best feature?

VNC Connect’s intuitive remote control service and feature are the most attractive and the reason the company is well-known amongst users. 

How do I connect to a VNC network? 

Set the router on the VNC Server PC to forward port 5900. Look up the public (external) IP address of the VNC Server PC. 

Enter the public IP address in VNC Viewer to make a direct connection. Enter the user name and password you use to log on to the VNC Server machine on a regular basis.

How do I VNC into a remote computer?

Take these steps to install VNC on your remote computer:
Step 1: On the remote Windows or any other device, install VNC Server.
Step 2: In the router, enable Port Forwarding (Port Translation),
Step 3: Assign a hostname to your IP address.
Step 4: On your local computer, download and install VNC Connect,
Step 5: Connect to your remote PC with VNC Connect.


We won’t let you wander around if in case VNC Connect is not the one which suits your needs. So, here are some great alternatives which may be better in a feature or two than VNC Connect, and maybe that factor will be the one you were looking for! Right?

Let’s explore the best VNCConnect Alternatives!

Team Viewer

TeamViewer ranks higher than VNC Connect in providing the most reliable services to each level of organisation as well as institutes for the users to work with. 


With amazing speed and reliability. There are no interruptions while connecting to the local server, which VNC Connect faces, but AnyDesk goes through it smoothly.


Splashtop is the solution for you if you’ve ever been disappointed by the slow performance VNC connections can be at times. The constraints of which platforms and networks you can access, or the difficulty in protecting a VNC network. 

Splashtop is more secure and faster, as per the claims.

Zoho Assist

A value for money buys because ZohoAssist offers excellent features and better customer support than most of its competitors hence better than VNC Connect as well. 

ConnectWise Control

With an in-house customer support availability, ConnectWise has an easy-to-use interface that attracts users towards it.


TightVNC and VNC Connect offer almost equal quality of services. Just the ease of admin is better when you look at TightVNC; otherwise, to be honest, VNCConnect overtops it in other features. 


We would like to conclude this VNC Connect review by saying that it is a platform built with utmost sincerity and seeing the audience’s outlook. Its structure, features and overall services may suit almost every user’s requirements with one or two things here and there. 

But if you want remote control access at reasonable prices, something that fits your budget, you need not look anywhere else but prefer VNC Connect. 

Let’s hope that the VNC viewer-Remote Desktop thing works for you and also that this VNC Connect Review came in handy for you with all the information. 

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