Splashtop Review: The Best Remote Desktop Client Out There?

Splashtop Review

Have you come across various Remote Desktop Software, but none has given you satisfactory and up to the mark services? We know finding such a company is difficult, but not impossible. 

Hence, we came across Splashtop, a remote desktop client that is trusted by more than 50,000 users. With its advantages and disadvantages, this software has made sure that they reach the expectations of its audience and make the best out of remote desktop access, comforting people to control their devices from any place! 

Why don’t we look into a detailed Splashtop Review to learn what they actually are, and is it suitable for an interested audience like you?

About Splashtop

Splashtop is a remote assistance solution for managed service providers, IT pros, and other desk personnel. It has features including multi-device access, chat, file transfer, remote printing, grouping, and user administration. 

About Spashtop

Splashtop provides both cloud-based and on-premise deployment options available for the product.

With the use of a nine-digit session code and downloaded software, Splashtop allows agents to connect to systems remotely. Chat is also included, as well as the ability to print papers from afar.

Splashtop comes with two distinct pricing options based on the number of features available. The cost is determined by the number of computers that are connected. 

Features and Utilities

Features are a make and break of the services that are being provided. To know how it works for Splashtop, let’s look at its features first:


The user interface of Splashtop is simple and intuitive. There are no fancy features. Both the desktop and smartphone apps are stylish and functional, and you can screen-share and access different devices remotely. We tested it by connecting a phone with a Windows computer.

It’s crucial to remember that the look and feel of your user interface will vary depending on the subscription you’re using. As is to be expected, different devices have slightly varied user interfaces.


A number of robust security connectors support Splashtop’s software. The client’s computer, data and network are always safe under Splashtop.

Splashtop security

Its cloud services, for example, are hosted on Amazon Web Services, which is protected by firewalls, DDoS protection, encryption and other features. Intrusion detection and defence measures are also in place to add an extra degree of security.

All Splashtop devices must be authorised, and two-factor authentication is available. TLS and 256-bit AES encryption are used to protect all data transmissions. Technicians can also remotely wipe a linked device’s screen to protect important data.

Customer Support

We did a thorough Splashtop review and found that all users have access to online ticket submission and chat support. Although the staff is polite and informed, wait times might be extended. 

Fortunately, you’ll have access to a beginner-friendly knowledge base with plenty of resources. The built-in search engine works effectively, and the guides and how-to articles are ingeniously organised by topic. For more complicated questions, there is also a community forum.

Multi-Monitor Navigation

Splashtop has multi-to-one and multi-to-multi monitoring options. The user can easily view multiple remote screens from their multi-monitor systems simultaneously. The type of connection depends on how you want to work on it, which means from single or multiple devices. 

Remote Wake and reboot

You can remotely wake up your computer or free RDP. Make sure that the target computer supports Wake-on-LAN and is connected via LAN cable. Also, the other computer on the same connectivity must be switched on at all times for this feature to work. 

Users have an option to reboot the computer from their installed Splashtop app or a web console. Keep in mind that you should choose the safe or normal mode to reboot teh device. This feature makes Splashtop a lot easier and more comfortable to be used efficiently.


With Splashtop, you can record remote sessions. With the use of the Screen Recording button, you can control to stop and start the recording. 

Splashtop also has an option for two persons to control the remote desktop at the same time. It’ll just require two user licences. 

It uses the high-performance engine that powers its award-winning services and products that are used by millions of users today. With Splashtop, you can enjoy HD quality sound and faster connections! 

Pros and Cons

Every coin has two sides, and so does every human, as well as everything has two sides, one good and one bad. This Splashtop review will talk about both the sides of this remote desktop client:


  • Easy and Quick Set-Up
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Easy to learn 
  • Top-level Security 
  • Free Trial


  • Problems while connecting to the 2nd computer
  • No Freemium/ Free for lifetime plans

Plans And Pricing

Splashtop’s Business Access Plans and Pricing gives a variety of options for different users with different choices:

  • For individuals and smaller teams to access their computers remotely: Splashtop Business Access
  • For multi-member teams, productivity features and to access more computers: Business Access Pro 
Splashtop plans and pricing

Our Verdict: Splashtop Review

Splashtop is one of the best and most trustworthy Remote Desktop Software that one can work with. With its great features and cheap pricing, it’s suitable for a larger number of audiences. 

Splashtop is an excellent Remote Desktop client as per the reviews and tests. You can successfully control both your PCs and servers, as well as those of our clients, using Splashtop Remote Support. 

Overall, we think you will be quite pleased with Splashtop and its services.

Is Splashtop safe to use?

Yes, Splashtop Remote Access Software is entirely safe to use. There’s no risk in using this software with its top-notch security, TLS and 256-bit AES encryption

Is Splashtop better than TeamViewer?

Splashtop is ideal for small teams and single users because of its affordable prices and faster support.

In contrast, TeamViewer is meant to have additional features for big or small scale users, with equally remarkable software. 

What is better than Splashtop?

As per the reviews, tests and user-friendliness, these are some excellent alternatives to Splashtop:
SolarWinds Dameware Remote Support (DRS)
SolarWinds Dameware Remote Everywhere (DRE)
VNC Connect
Goverlan Reach
Zoho Assist

Is Splashtop a Chinese company?

No, Splashtop is not a Chinese Company. It is a privately held software company established in 2006 with its headquarters in Silicon Valley. 

Their offices are spread globally in Tokyo, Amsterdam, Singapore, Taipei and Hangzhou. 

Can my boss see what I’m doing on Splashtop?

While remotely using a business computer, Splashtop doesn’t monitor your web activity.

If you’re browsing the internet from your employer’s network, your company can monitor your internet behaviour as if you were using the office computer in person.

Can Splashtop see my computer?

No, Splashtop does not monitor your remote desktop for web traffic or any other purpose at any time.

How to set up Splashtop?

New users can try out Splashtop’s software for seven days without having to pay anything with their FREE TRIAL. 

Signing up for a new account, entering a few personal details, and installing the needed apps on the devices you plan to use are all part of the process.

After you’ve made your account, you’ll be directed through a simple setup process that varies depending on your package. 

We tried out the Remote Support plan, which required downloading and installing the Splashtop software on the device from which we wished to connect.

After that, we needed to download a streamer package to the devices we wished to use. After that, the devices could be connected with a single button press.

Does Splashtop work on Linux?

With Splashtop, you can access, control, and support Linux computers remotely from your PC (Windows or Mac), Android, iOS or Chromebook device. 

What is Splashtop Streamer?

Splashtop Streamers is a safe way to provide remote desktop support to a user’s computer. It allows an administrator to maintain the user’s machine or network remotely.

Splashtop Alternatives

We talked about Splashtop in detail, now, how about diving more into the world of remote desktops and learning about more Splashtop alternatives?

Here are some great options that you can choose from if you think the remote client might not be the best after going through the complete Splashtop review:


AnyDesk can be a great alternative to Splashtop. Unlike Splashtop, it’s a freemium service as it comes for free. 

AnyDesk provides amazing reliability and speeds. Also, it works great with even iOS and does everything one needs to have a secured environment. 

Team Viewer

TeamViewer is mainly meant for IT users. Its prices are more than Splashtop, but it offers an extensive range of features. 

Unlike Splashtop, it can be used for multiple users and has some great advanced features to move forward with.


TightVNC is an affordable open-source remote desktop software system. It is utilised in domains such as administration, education, and others. 

TightVNC targets customers’ choices and has some features that make them unique and a choice for many users out there, though most of them are the same as Splashtop!

Zoho Assist

If you need unattended remote access to a significantly smaller number of devices, ZohoAssist can be an option. The prices almost match Splashtop, but ZohoAssist can handle busy IT forms with its software’s integration.


Whilst we learned about Splashtop’s alternatives, we discovered that somehow Splashtop dominates other remote desktop alternatives. Hence, it has proved itself to be ours as well as users’ choice! 

With its own vulnerabilities of two computer connections and no free plans, Splashtop has been trying to cover them with better and more proficient services. 

We hope you had a thorough idea of how Splashtop works and why we recommend it in this Splashtop Review! 

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