Cheap RDP With Admin Access Plans

Our cheapest RDP with admin access plans are designed to fit the needs of businesses of all sizes. Whether you're just starting out or you're a large enterprise, we have a plan that's right for you.

  • 2.7 GHz Xenon Processor
  • 1 vCPU (2667MHZ)
  • 10TB Premium Bandwidth
  • 30GB SSD Space
  • Full Root Admin Access

$23 / month

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  • 2.7 GHz Xenon Processor
  • 2 vCPU (5333MHz)
  • 10TB Premium Bandwidth
  • 100GB SSD Space
  • Full Root Admin Access

$35 / month

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  • 2.7 GHz Xenon Processor
  • 4 vCPU (10667MHz)
  • 10TB Premium Bandwidth
  • 250GB SSD Space
  • Full Root Admin Access

$60 / month

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Need More Power?

Buy RDP from the most trusted RDP providers at cheapest rates. Get amazing features and flexible configurations with admin access to suit your needs.

vCPU (Processors)BandwidthDisk SpaceRAMAdminPriceOrder
Intel® Xeon® 2.70GHz1000 GB30 GB1024 MBYes15$/monthOrder Now
Intel® Xeon® 2.70GHz1000 GB50 GB2048 MBYes19$/monthOrder Now
Intel® Xeon® 2.70GHz1000 GB100 GB4096 MBYes29$/monthOrder Now
Intel® Xeon® 2.70GHz1000 GB200 GB8192 MBYes47$/monthOrder Now
Intel® Xeon® 2.70GHz1000GB500 GB12288 MBYes129$/monthOrder Now

Why Choose RDP Server From Us?

Reasons for why you should buy cheap admin RDP online. Check out the major advantages of buying cheap RDP Servers.


Buy RDP at a cheap rate and get amazing benefits like admin RDP servers and the latest hardware configuration.

Full Admin Access

Full Admin access or root access allows you to control your RDP account and make changes as per your requirements.

Pre-Installed Software

Get pre-installed softwares like Firefox, WinRar, VLC, Notepad ++, Sublime, and Adobe Reader for your usage.

Fast Internet speed

Faster internet speed allows you to get your online work done faster and play games that require fast and stable network connection.

24/7 Dedicated Support

24/7 customer support assures you that someone will always help you in getting your problems fixed in case you get stuck.

Work From Anywhere

With Free VPS Trial, you can access the premium resources and work from anywhere, anytime, and through any device.

Looking for a different RDP Server Plan?

Every plan is designed to suit a different set of users. If you think, Solo RDP server is not for you, then you can choose from our other Free RDP Server plans.

Solo server

  • 8 GB RAM
  • 4 CPU Cores
  • 100GB SSD Disk Space
  • 50 Mbps Internet Speed
  • Instant Activation

Explorer Server

  • 4 GB RAM
  • 1 CPU Cores
  • 50GB SSD Disk Space
  • 200Mbps Internet Speed
  • Instant Activation

Free VPS Server

  • Full Admin Access
  • Unlimited Storage
  • 13 Global Datacenter
  • Install Any Operating System
  • Server Set Up In Minutes

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cheap Admin RDP

What is the price of an RDP server?

Depending upon whether you are looking for a shared server or dedicated server, the price of an RDP Server can range from anywhere between $5/mo to $200/mo.

What is RDP USA?

RDP USA is nothing but RDP with server location in the USA. The level of resources and features offered for RDP USA depends upon the plans offered by the server provider.

What is admin RDP?

Admin RDP means that you have full root access to the server and hence, you can make any change as per your requirements like installing a program or an application, testing, playing games, creating programs, changing passwords, and much more you would do on your personal server.

What is shared RDP?

Shared RDP is when multiple users have access to one server and share the resources offered by the server. In such servers, you do not get root access and your permissions to modify the system files are limited.


No, RDP is not a VPN. Where VPN allows you to access the content specific to a location, RDP allows you to connect to a remote desktop or server. Both offer a level of security to perform certain confidential actions and prevent your data from being leaked to your ISPs or hackers.

What is the difference between RDP and VPS?

RDP and VPS are different from each other on a single point- RDP has Windows pre-installed on the server whereas VPS comes pre-installed with Linux. It is not that the other OS can not be installed on the servers, but you will have to pay for the licenses of the OS that are not free.

How do I log into a remote desktop?

It is quite easy to log in to a remote desktop. You may follow these steps: Click on the start icon on your screen Type RDP and press enter Type in the IP address or the name of the computer you want to connect remotely to. Type in the username and password Click on “Ok” or “Done” If you want to connect to an RDP server, you may follow these steps: The official YouTube channel also contains videos on how to connect to RDP on other platforms.

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