20 Best Couchtuner Alternatives That Are Safe!

CouchTuner Alternatives

Watching the latest releases is something that you will have to invest money in order to see it. And after coming from a long day at work, you wouldn’t like to move from the couch or invest money in something that is not worth it because you know that you can watch the same thing while sitting back in the comfort of your home, too for free. 

Other OTT platforms like NetFlix, Amazon Prime and others have huge subscription rates, which everyone cannot afford. Hence, here we are with some cheap and free CouchTuner alternatives which may suit your requirement, and we hope you find the right one to watch your favourite shows and movies in. 

Let’s move further with the article to know some safe, legal, free and cheap CouchTuner alternatives to make the best out of it! 

Is CouchTuner safe?

CouchTuner is as safe as any other free movie streaming platform. If you are cautious while accessing the site and take a few security measures then you can access CouchTuner and watch movies and the latest web stories without any worry. 


If you visit the website to watch something for free, just keep a few things in mind and take precautions for them. The first and foremost thing is that keep your antivirus up to date and fully functional.

You can also use a VPN to add another layer of security while accessing CouchTuner alternatives as well as the platform itself. 

Top 20 CouchTuner Alternatives

We looked into the internet and found these platforms to suit our requirements and analyse users’ requirements. We hope these satisfy your needs and you are able to find a platform which becomes your daily go-to for watching something! 

 #1. Putlocker

Putlocker has an enormous collection of content with over 23,000 collections of movies and television shows, from which you can choose. 

It offers a search section from which you can easily browse your preference and get it on your screen in no time. Putlocker has been a fantastic platform to watch the latest and favourite television shows and movies. 

#2. Watch Series

If you are finding anime, drama and certain television shows, Watch Series is the right platform for you! 

It asks you to log in through Facebook credentials and enjoy uninterrupted services from Watch Series. With high-definition streaming, you can watch the latest releases and subscribe to your ongoing or latest series or on you want updates because Watch Series will stay alert and notify you whenever that movie or series is live. 

#3. SolarMovie

SolarMovie needs no account registration, and you can watch any television series or movie whenever you feel like it. You can search them by IMDb ratings and also get the latest trends updates and what is most-watched in that current time. 

With the large section of movies and T.V. series, SolarMovie also offers a user-friendly and straightforward interface for visitors’ better and easier understanding to show further interest. 


#4. Vid Strum

Vid Strum was created for the love of drama entertainment. It has a clean and user-friendly interface and low ad consistency, which imparts lesser interruptions while watching something, and who doesn’t like that? A goldmine for T.V. drama content like daily soaps. 

It has third party streaming clients, is picky with its collection, ensures top quality content and does not show movies and shows based on region, religion, caste or any matter—a neutral platform with great features and smooth streaming.  

#5. LookMovie

Specialising in movies, LookMovie also does not require the creation of an account or logging in. You can filter the thing you want to watch by: Year, Genre, Rating, Release Date, IMDb rating, and more other filters are available. 

It is also a dedicated forum for discussions and help. Overall, an appreciative platform that you can obviously take into a good alternative for Couchtuner. 

#6. Prime Wire

Prime Wire has a vast database of movies for free! There’s no need to create an account or register yourself, but just enjoy movies and television shows in various languages and genres. 

Categorisation of titles is available for easy browsing.

 #7. Yo-Movies

YoMovies has introduced us to a large number of movies and series basically in Hindi and English. So, all the Bollywood and Hollywood fans gear up for this platform, allowing free HD download of any available series or movie!

#8. Crackle

An extensive collection of movies and T.V. shows in high quality plus original scripted entertainment can be found in Crackle. Crackle has launched its own originals and hence is a valuable resource for entertainment shows and movies. 

You can also browse through the history, trace what you were seeing and start your movie or series from where you left when you revisit the site, so you do not have to worry about remembering where you left or completing it before getting up.

It has an application that you can download and enjoy entertainment anywhere. You need not carry your laptop or any other device but just your mobile phone. 

Just one thing that isn’t suitable about this platform is that it is an advertisement-supported network, so you’ll get various ads in between your movie or show; otherwise, it’s one of the best free online platforms, even better than Couchtuner.

#9. 123Movies

Fan favourites

123Movies started as an obscure streaming platform and later became one of the leading names in the field of free entertainment sources. 

You may find many proxies/duplicates with almost the same logos or colours over the internet, and it’s at your discretion to choose the right one and watch it. You’ll find a good variety of T.V. shows and movies in HD quality in 123Movies. 

#10. Flixtor

A free streaming platform for movies and T.V. shows. It has a well-designed interface. The one problem you may face with Flixtor is that It posts content without the owner’s approval which may cause issues on the website as well as streaming at times. 

Overall, it is a good platform and a rightly chosen alternative for Couchtuner. 

#11. StreamLikers

With a download option, you will get free HD quality content on StreamLikers. There’s a search box available on its landing page to search precisely what you want through name, genre or other filters. 

StreamLikers is a trusted platform with a lot to choose from and watch. 

#12. Yes! Movies

A free online streaming platform for movies and T.V. shows. YesMovies has no-ad pop-ups, which allow uninterrupted streaming with an easy user interface. 

Since its launch in 2017, YesMovies has been streaming in 30+ languages. You don’t need subscriptions not even sign-up is required.

#13. Just Watch 

It is an efficient and attractive streaming platform which allows you to choose from various categories of movies and television shows like release year or date, genres, price, age rating and movie or IMDb rating. 

Watch movies and shows in HD, and find the one you want to watch without facing any problems. They also have an application that you can download and watch TV shows and movies anywhere through it. 

#14. Crave

Crave has a simple user interface, and you watch all popular and latest shows. The shows are posted immediately after release, and without lag-time, so you need not wait for your favourite upcoming series or get any interruption in between while watching. Isn’t that great? 

This Couchtuner’s alternative, Crave, allows users to watch movies and shows with the best streaming quality conveniently.

#15. Cucirca

Cucirca has been on the internet providing entertainment to people for 15 years. It surfaces well-known online TV shows with a tremendous variety available on their website. 

Due to some reasons, Cucirca has shut down, but you can still find proxies and some same content in other CouchTuner alternatives. 

 #16. 1Movies

1Movies contains all genre movies and tv shows. You can receive updates on every new show or movie as soon as it comes out, but only after you have subscribed to their website.

The filtration can be done through IMDb ratings, genre and other factors to quickly find what you want to watch without wasting time searching only. 

#17. Show Box

Show Box had millions of users, being popular amongst firestick users. It had a large variety of movies and TV series in HD quality plus various languages. 

Due to some technicalities, the website had to shut down, but nothing was illegal about it. 

Coming Soon

#18. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is one of the perfect CouchTuner alternatives. It has over 312,000 monthly visitors, 100 live and local news stations and over 200 partners whom they work with. 

Their app and website are available on Android and iOS and are television compatible. Tubi TV doesn’t allow advertisement interruptions. Its users have access to the incredible content that it offers. 

#19. Cafe Movie

Browse movies by genre, year of release, IMDb ratings, and more filters. With balanced content features, Cafe Movie imparts users with a wide range of genres, so imagine how wide a range of movies and TV series it must contain! 

#20. Xfinity

Comcast’s division, Xfinity, offers premium quality entertainment at $30 per month. It’s not free but has innovation in creativity and connection. 

You can watch movies and shows on Xfinity through mobiles or other devices. It comes with voice control and offers the best experience.

Do I need a VPN to stream CouchTuner?

CouchTuner has a large database of streamable content. This is still accessible through some of the mirrors in the market, but you will have to use a VPN. You should keep your devices safe in mind while surfing them. 

Do not click on anything and everything that seems right. Later if it asks you to log in or register, it indicates that you’ve ended up on a fake mirror. Quit it and look for another one.


CouchTuner is an online platform streaming movies and television series plus shows that you may find in popular premium applications like Netflix and more. CouchTuner comes for free. 

There’s Couchtuner.eu that is up and running. But you may find downtimes on the website at times. 

The best website’s to watch shows as well as movies for free:

  • Watch Series
  • Crave
  • Flixtor 
  • Yes! Movies

From our analysation and testing of these platforms, we can say Crave, and Tubi T.V. is better or equally good than Flixtor. 

CouchTuner is not a first preference we would recommend because watching pirated content is not legal if we look into it. 

But if you take proper precautions like installing an antivirus on your device and using it at times with alertness. There’s no harm in it. And that is because it comes for free, better than the paid services available in the market. 

As for now, Couchtuner.eu is up and running. It’s reachable to the audience, but sometimes the site is down due to some issues, which may be an interruption. Look for the CouchTuner Alternatives to watch the latest and highly recommended movies by IMDb


To conclude this interesting article on CouchTuner alternatives, while writing this article for you and collecting information, we came across some platforms that were unknowingly really nice to be watching movies and shows on. So, we made out this list to deliver the information to you all as well. 

While going through these sites, there will come the point of time when you’ll start understanding how they work and seeing the latest movies and tv series will become easy and free for you! These sites may not be too secure to visit, but there’s nothing to worry about until you have an antivirus installed. Also, you take steps leniently.

We hope you had fun reading the article. We are ready to browse some great free platforms and relax! 

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