5 Best AI tool for Students to Study Smarter ( Free Tools )

Want to upgrade your learning style? If so, choose one of the top five best AI tool for students, the details of which we are going to discuss in this article further.

In this modern world,stuffed with technology, using No AI could drive you to a big loss. Even teachers, professors, research scholars are using AI to improve their notes and to work smarter.

Because AI tools have the power to boost your academic life and productivity.


AI tools can assist you from creating small notes to creating big assignments. There are a lot of AI tools which are working specially for this kind of purposes.

Here in this article, we’ll mention the Top 5 best AI tools for students which will boost the way of learning and help your study in a smarter way.

This article is made by evaluating reviews from trustworthy sites and experts.

So without any delay, Come let’s explore the world of AI tools to enhance our skills!

What is an AI tool?

Exclusively for students who want to know what an AI tool actually is, we can expand AI as Artificial Intelligence, and an AI tool is a software application that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to perform operations that require human intelligence. 

AI tools can solve complex problems, have decision-making capacity, have conversations, play games, and so on. They can be found in all types of industries, institutions, healthcare, finance, marketing, etc.

Nowadays, AI is becoming the most used software in all kinds of firms, AI tools are known to be the backbone of smart assistants.

In studies, AI tools also play a major role. They help students make all kinds of notes, assignments, and projects and enhance their knowledge. 

Example: ChatGpT, Mathly, TutorAI, etc.

5 Best AI Tool for Students in 2024

Now that you know what an AI tool is and how it helps students in their learning process, let’s introduce you to the Top 5 Best AI tools for students.

Running out of time! Here are the Top 5 Best AI tools for Students with their user reviews and honest ratings.

ToolsRatings and Reviews
TutorAI4.2/5  based on 5 reviews
Chat GPT4.75/5 based on 518 reviews
Otter AI4.2/5  
Gradescope4.1/5 based on 6 reviews

1. Mathly

If you’re struggling with math to solve problems then Mathly will be a great choice for you. 

Mathly is one of the prominent AI tools, which helps students in math, to solve problems. It also has a feature of explaining solutions of each problem and it  generates similar questions to level up the skills of students in solving mathematical problems. 

Mathly is featured with photo based problem solving, it’s very simple to use, we just need to click the photo of the problem that we need to answer, Mathly will provide solutions with proper explanations. 

Common Use Case

Let’s find out what is the common use of Mathly:

  • Helps to do math homeworks 
  • Provides proper explanation of solutions
  • Generates similar questions for practice
  • Provides an effective way to learn math easily
  • It answers all kind of questions related to mathematics

Pros and Cons


  • Helping to solve complex math problems
  • Provides practice questions
  • Easy to use
  • User friendly interface


  • Limited in depth learning
  • Potential errors
  • Overdependence

Price and Plans

Mathly offers affordable and flexible plans. If you’re a student and you want to explore all the features of Mathly, it has proper plans for you!

  • Free plans: it’s the basic plan of Mathly. It has limited access only but it has essential problem solving capacity.
  • Premium plan: unlimited access to its all features, need to contact them for pricing scheme.

Mathly is a very useful tool for students and for math aspirants, it is a game changer in the field of mathematics. It provides proper solutions with exact explanations. Also it is very easy to use.

Start using Mathly to enhance your mathematical skills.

2. TutorAI


TutorAI aims to simplify our way of learning with artificial intelligence, it is simply called a computer based learning system. It provides personalized tutoring for each student according to their level of grasping and style. 

Students can use it easily, they just need to enter a subject and select the subcategory then they will provide all modules with complete sessions. And under each topic you can find the options like Simplify, examples, quiz and ask a question.

Common Use Case

In which are the cases TutorAI widely used, come let’s go through it:

  • Provides personalized study plans
  • Provides proper module for each topic
  • Help to track your progress
  • It adjust it teaching styles according to your pace of learning

Pros and Cons

Let’s dive into the pros and cons of TutorAI:


  • User friendly interface
  • Easy conceptual learning
  • Topic wise modules


  • Overdependence

Price and Plans

Pricing and plans of TutorAI are not transparent. But according to some reviews:

  • Free plan: it’s the basic plan, limited access with this it provides 3 free queries
  • Premium plan: unlimited access to its all features plan cost starts from $10

You can connect with it directly to explore the whole plans and price structure.

TutorAI provides classes for all types of subjects and it caters to people of all ages who have an enthusiasm for learning. Choosing TutorAI will help you to increase the speed of learning, it enhances your skills, it helps you in language learning also they are having 24/7 accessibility in the platform.

3. ChatGPT


ChatGPT can be called a revolutionary AI, with the introduction of chatGPT AI got popular all over the world. ChatGPT only provides AI based content. Apart from this it also has conversations,solutions for problems,etc. Through the introduction of AI to the world all sorts of problems became easy and it completely digitalized the world.

Common Use Case

Commonly ChatGPT used in all type of cases, we can see  some of the major cases :

  • Provides language translations
  • Problem solutions
  • Used in conversations
  • Source of all informations
  • In research purpose
  • To make creative ideas

Pros and Cons

Let’s evaluate the pros and cons of ChatGPt:


  • Easy to use
  • Enhance skills like communications
  • Provide creative ideas


  • Overdependence
  • Server issues

Price and Plans

Plans of chatGPT are affordable to access its features

  • Free plan: it’s the basic plan with limited features
  • Paid plan: it’s their plus plan of unlimited access with $20 per month

ChatGPT is a widely used platform and its new version has voice update also. It helps us to develop skills and it provides all kinds of information through its free plan students can make notes and assignments easily.

4. Otter.AI


Otter AI is mainly meant to make meetings simple. If we attend a meeting for 1 hour and we are not remembering anything properly then Otter.ai will help, it will condense 1 hour meeting into 30 seconds summary.In education field otter.ai helps faculty and students with live time captions and notes also it provides virtual classes and lectures of classes or meetings.

Common Use Case

Otter.AI used in various sections to make and summarize notes some of the sections are:

  • In sales to push up call notes and mails
  • In business with automated notes
  • In recruiting teams for interviews
  • In media for real transcription
  • In education for real time notes

Pros and Cons

Come let’s see the pros and cons of otter.ai:


  • It makes meetings easy
  • User friendly interface
  • Saves time


  • Overdependence
  • It decreases the memory ability

Price and Plans

Plans of Otter AI are

  • Free plan: it’s the basic plan with limited access
  • Paid plan: it’s their pro plan of unlimited access with $9.17 per month

Overall Otter.AI helps to manage our business meetings also for students it helps to make it easy and also it provides virtual lectures based on classes.

5. Gradescope


Gradescope is an american company that offers AI tools for higher secondary students. It helps to grade the students exams, projects, notes and assignments easily. It saves time for faculties not for them only it helps for students to assess themselves by evaluating their answers. It’s very easy to use, you just need to scan and upload the item then it will assess and give you a grade and point out your mistakes.

Common Use Case

Gradescore is helping to increase the speed of grading in papers, exams, projects. It commonly used in:

  • To grade question and answers
  • It take exam at home and it will grade it digitally
  • Helps to send emails of students to teachers
  • Help to check that students are not using any other sites to answer in their online exams

Pros and Cons

Going to the pros and cons of Gradescope:


  • Saves time
  • Easy to use
  • Grades digitally


  • Overdependence
  • Lack of transparency

Price and Plans

Let’s see the price and plans of Grandscope:

  • Free trial: they offer a free trial at the time you sign in, and after you can continue free with its base plans in limited access.
  • Paid plan: it is institutional plan, with unlimited access, need to contact them for pricing scheme

Gradescope AI is a helpful AI for both students and teachers. It simplifies the job of teachers and it helps to evaluate the level of students for themselves. It’s a user-friendly platform. 

How AI tools can help students?

AI tools help students to study smartly through AI. Students can make notes,they can do their projects, assignments easily and it also helps them to develop their skills. AI provides personalized learning platforms to improve their studies.

AI provides problem solving platforms to break down complex problems and find solutions, it helps students to assess themselves and it makes them more aware of the topic they are studying. Also AI’s personalized teaching platforms make classes according to the pace of each student. 

AI tools for learning

In the field of learning AI tools play a major role; it helps students to learn easily and fastly. It provides personalized classes according to the pace of students and it provides automatic instructions and daily tasks to complete. Also it interacts with students and staff.

AI tools for assignment

AI helps students to do assignments through giving proper explanations , it answers all questions and it suggests sources to find more information. It assists students to make the concept understood better. It helps to make creative ideas and to develop them.

AI tools for student research

AI tools are really helping in the field of student research, it saves time in research, it helps to create ideas and it develops the efficiency and in depth of study. It helps in reviewing literature, language, citations, in writing also it provides relevant sources for evaluation.

AI tools for better topic understanding

AI tools can be used for better understanding of topics and concepts. It provides simple notes with proper explanations and also it provides personalized sessions for topic understanding, with examples and quiz it makes it easier. Also each topic presents according to the pace of the learner.

AI tools to assist students of determination in the field of education

Nowadays AI tools play a major role in the field of education, it assists students from making simple notes to big assignments and projects. It helps to enhance their skills of learning. AiI provides personalized sessions for topic clearance and it provides self assessment sessions for students. 

What is the future of AI?

What is the future of AI?

“Artificial intelligence will be part of our future. It’s inevitable.” 

                                                                              – Sundar Pichai

AI is an ever growing technology, it has already become a major part of our world. In the future AI will become the most powerful technology that will have the power to control the human race also. AI is not smarter than human intelligence but the human race will definitely face so many problems like unemployment because AI will completely replace humans.

In the future AI is going to replace scientific methods because new algorithms and programmes are developing. It will completely control human emotions, there will be so many developments in the field of healthcare, transportation, education,etc.

What are the limitations and solutions for using AI tools?

AI is a day to day developing technology in the world and we all are sure that in future AI is going to rule the whole world in all industries but at that time also AI has some limitations like emotional intelligence, nowadays it’s also getting resolved by natural language processors but also its not yet completed because it can’t compete with human’s emotions and feels.

Also AI activities are not performed by proper strategic plans in the future according to the development AI will acquire the strategic approach also.

However , AI can’t beat human intelligence. Also one of the other limitations we can see in  AI is its Biased nature because AI is working based on an already setted field so this makes a biased nature. In the future it can be solved by removing the biased nature from AI. Sometimes AI can also give wrong information because of its programming.

All types of limitations can be solved by proper programming of AI.

Frequently Asked Questions


In this article we reviewed the 5 best AI tools for students. We evaluated each AI tool critically with its use, pros and cons, price and plans. Also we come through the future of AI, limitations and solutions of AI.

We hope that this article helps you to acquire the knowledge about AI properly. If you’re a student we hope that this article gives you an idea about the best AI tools and how they are used.

But there is another thing: AI can make us dependent on them so use it at the time if it is necessary only. 

Use AI tools wisely to turn your hard work into smart work!

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