Alteryx Free Trial – Claim Alteryx Free Trial for Students

Are you a student looking to develop your digital analytical skills? Then you’re at the right place!

In this world stuffed with technology, living without digital skills can be a big challenge for survival. To this comes Alteryx free trial, offering an amazing opportunity to students.

Alteryx is known to be a data analytics and visualization platform, it has so many features and free trial offers to explore. Before that, we need to know about what Alteryx actually is and how it helps students with its free trial, its benefits, features, etc.

We are presenting this article in front of you with all the answers to your queries related to the Alteryx free trial. And this article is made by critically evaluating the software and the reviews from trustworthy websites.

Come let’s start our journey to discover what Alteryx is;

What is Alteryx?

Exclusively for students having no idea about what Altewryx is, below we have tried our way best to explain it. So without any delay let’s see more about what Alteryx actually is:



Alteryx is an end-to-end data analytics platform that provides a drag-and-drop interface for users to prepare, blend, and analyze data. Through this drag-and-drop interface, you can easily drag any tools or data into your workplace.

Do you know how Alteryx differs from other programs? We’re explaining it simply, just take a look at this:

See Alteryx is different from other programs because it saves your time with its repeatable nature according to your workflow and also Alteryx helps you to utilize more data for your files.

Now we have an idea about what Alteryx is, so it’s time to analyze its features, come let’s dive into it:

Key Features

So let’s check out what are the features of Alteryx:

  • User-friendly data analytics platform
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Free trial for students
  • Free license for 1 year
  • Workflow automation
  • Easy integration

What about its installation and downloading? without downloading or installing how will we explore its features and service, so come let’s see how to download and install Alteryx;

How to Download and Install Alteryx?

Alteryx is a software, so you can easily download and sign in to that by its official website:

  • As shown in the picture below, open Alteryx software on your web browser and sign-up here.
 Install Alteryx
  • Create a username and password for your next sign-in to the portal
  • Enter all your details according to the queries
  • Accept the terms and conditions.
  • Go to the licensing portal for your prompted license key
  • Enter your license key.
  • After this, you can download the product as shown in the below picture
download the product

Now download the product you want such as Alteryx Designer, server, or Alteryx intelligence suit

And you can install it with the Alteryx-provided license key.

Downloading and Installing Alteryx is very easy work, but now it’s time to check about the main aim of this article, like what Alteryx free trial is for students. Let’s check out :

Alteryx Free Trial for Students

We learned about Alteryx, what it is, and its features so now we are going to see exactly what Alteryx is for students.

Alteryx is making students’ futures brighter with its sparkED program by giving world classes in data analytics. Most of the jobs we look for always after graduation need data-based skills, here Alteryx provides a free 1-year license to Alteryx in its platform, also you can renew that license after one year if you are still a student.

They provide a free trial where you can evaluate the importance of data analytical skills and also with one one-year license you’re getting free resources to boost your data techniques, you will have the opportunity to get certificates that will enhance your resume, you can find scholarship opportunities through competitions, etc.

Benefits of Alteryx Free Trial for Students

If we are looking for the benefits of this free trial we can list so many, some of the major benefits of Alteryx free trial are listed as:

  • Helps to enhance the skills in data analytics with studies
  • Saves time and it saves money
  • Free one-year license for Alteryx Designer 
  • Free study resources to boost skills
  • Certificates
  • Scholarships

Through Alteryx free trial students are getting a stress-free environment after their studies, with this much experience, knowledge, skills, certificates, etc. They can easily find jobs with high salaries in their interesting fields.

Can we use Alteryx without a license, is it possible? What are the possibilities for that?

Come let’s check about it:

How to Use Alteryx Without a License?

For using Alteryx without a license you can enable permission for non-licensed users, here is the process to access the permission;

  • Install the Alteryx license server in the Windows server
  • Activate the products of Alteryx by managing the license 
  • Click on Activate new license
  • There you can see an option for permission for non-licensed users.

Major possibilities that we can see here to use Alteryx without a license are in its:

  • In its Free trials
  • If you have an Alteryx server you can get permission
  • If you have premium policies, sometimes you can activate them without a license through the Usecookies option.

If you’re facing trouble with the budget, remember there is no need for a scheduled license to run Alteryx’s design. Also, the Alteryx license server is a powerful tool for managing tools and enabling access without a license!

Also, we need to share with you that using Alteryx without a license is not that much of a good step also you cannot modify your workflows without a license. Remember to check the terms and rules related to Alteryx usage without a license before it proceeds.

How Does Cleansing Data with Alteryx?

Alteryx provides you a quality data through their high-level data cleansing process, Alteryx’s data cleansing process includes:

  • Removing duplicates
  • Removing irrelevant information
  • It manages incomplete data
  • Identifying outliers
  • It fixes the structural errors
  • Validates the data
  • Replace null values

We saw the steps included in data cleansing with Alteryx, next, let’s see what we can do after the free trials

What to do If the Alteryx Free Trial ends?

We already saw what is meant by a free trial in Alteryx and also its benefits, if the free trial ends you cannot use the applications and the features you already used at the time of the free trial, after the period ends it will be restricted to use, for use it again you need to earn a license from Alteryx!

You can directly contact Alteryx customer support and customize your license as per your need or you can purchase a license according to your needs from the website.

You can use the above-mentioned steps to enable your license from the server.

Also if you’re not willing to enable a license then you can look for alternative options with similar functions to the free version or the pricing according to your budget.

Remember you cannot use Alteryx after the free trial ends without having a proper license.

We saw the all features of Alteryx now it is time to check the reviews;

Alteryx Reviews

Reviews are the backbone of a successful company. Let’s see what people say about Alteryx in Capterra.

Reviews can differ from person to person because each one is using tools for their requirements, so if it is satisfying then it will be a good review, if that requirement is not satisfying then it will be a bad review.

In our view, Alteryx is a good tool that helps students enhance their skills through free trials. Also, it provides a free 1-year license, certificates, and scholarship opportunities which will help students brighten up their future because they are leaving their college not only with a normal graduation certificate but also with digital analytical skills.

We are suggesting you check and try it yourself for once to get a proper view of Alteryx, if it does not satisfy your needs then you can move to the alternative options also.



Alteryx is a useful tool for university or college students that provides scholarships, 1 one-year free Alteryx license, and scholarships in its platform through a  30-day free trial.

However choosing Alteryx or not is completely up to your needs and requirements, so we are highly suggesting you try its free trial before enabling a paid license. Through this article, we critically reviewed the Alteryx software with the reviews we took from Capterra.

We sincerely hope this article brightens your knowledge about Alteryx and you get proper answers to your all doubts regarding Alteryx free trial for students!

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