How To Connect RDP on Android? Free RDP for Android

How to connect RDP on Android

Welcome to RDPHostings, in this article you will get to know “How to connect to RDP on Android”. This article is going to be the most comprehensive one and go through each and every step so that you can connect to RDP on Android.

And, all the below-mentioned steps apply on Windows Server 2022, Windows Server 2019, Android 7.0 or later.

Through this article, we guarantee you that your RDP connection on android will be strong and you can get the supported application on Google Play Store. 

How to Download the Remote Desktop client on Android?

Follow the below steps in order to download your Remote Desktop client for Android devices.

How To download RDP on Play Store
  1. Download the Remote desktop client and install it on your Android Device
  2. Run the application on your android 
  3. Now, add an RDP connection that allows you to directly get connected to your free RDP server.  

How To Add a Remote Desktop connection?

When you have finally installed the Android device client on your device, you can easily access remote resources

Before adding a connection, you need to set up your PC to accept remote connections.

how to connect to RDP on Android

To add a remote desktop connection:

  1. Tap + then tap desktop
  2. Fill up the name of the remote PC where you can see the PC name. You can also enter the PC IP address.
  3. Select the username in order to use the Remote PC
    1. Pick Enter every time for the user to ask for your details every time you connect to the remote PC.
    2. Select Add the user account to save an account that you use frequently so you don’t have to enter credentials every time you sign in.
      RDP Add User Account
  4. Tap on Show additional options to set the following optional parameters:
    1. In Friendly name, enter a name that is easy to remember.
    2. The Gateway is the Remote Desktop gateway you’ll use to connect to a computer from an external network.
    3. The sound you can choose to play sound on your local devices.
    4. Customise display resolution when turned off, the resolution assigned in global settings is used.
    5. Swap mouse buttons switch the commands sent by right and left mouse gestures.
    6. Connecting to the admin session lets you connect to an admin session on the remote PC.
    7. Redirecting local storage enables local storage redirection. This setting is disabled by default.
  5. Tap on same when you are done

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can get free RDP on android from FreeRDPHostings and establish a secure and strong connection with your free windows server.

You can download the RDP client from Google Play Store and above you must have found the link to download RDP on android.

The Microsoft remote desktop app which is available on the play store is the best application for RDP on android.

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Now, let us wrap up the article which was about how to connect to RDP on Android. You must follow each and every step in order to set up your Free RDP server.

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